U-Boat Worx from the Netherlands has released a super-fast electric submarine for tourists.

According to the company, the new Super Sub is three times faster than the average tourist submarine and can travel at a speed of 14.8 km/h. For comparison, the Triton 3300/6 submarine has a top speed of 5.5 km/h, and the DeepFlight Dragon model – 7.4 km/h.

The developers hoped that Super Sub passengers would be able to get a good view of the underwater flora and fauna at this speed. The new submarine is moving two knots faster than the bottlenose dolphin’s maximum cruising speed, they note.

There is room for three people inside the submarine, and the device also supports automatic direction control, depth control and other smart functions. The electric submarine has a battery with a capacity of 62 kWh and can operate without recharging for up to 8 hours.

Life support is also provided: it will maintain conditions acceptable for life for 96 hours. At the same time, the submarine’s immersion depth is no more than 300 m.

According to journalists, the Super Sub will only go on sale in 2023. The price of the device has not been specified.