The New Hampshire primary will be held on Tuesday.

At the Democratic debate in New Hampshire, the candidates wondered whether Bernie Sanders, who calls himself a “democratic socialist,” could attract enough voters to defeat Donald Trump in the presidential election.

Amy Klobuchar said: “Donald Trump’s worst nightmare is a candidate who can attract centrists. I think we should rely on someone who can attract people, not push them away.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who finished a modest fourth in the Iowa Caucuses, said Trump is ready to fight Sanders: “Bernie – not me-calls himself a democratic socialist. That’s what the President will call anyone who runs with Bernie.”

In turn, Sanders called for a political revolution that can attract new voters and retorted: “The way to defeat Trump is the best voter turnout in the history of this country.”
He added that he is betting on workers who have refused to participate in political life because “they don’t believe that anyone feels their pain.” Sanders also called for attracting young voters to the polls

Historically, candidates who have performed well in Iowa have performed well in New Hampshire. The New Hampshire primary will be held on Tuesday.
Billionaire and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is not participating in the New Hampshire primary, betting on other States, do not attend the debate. Bloomberg does not accept donations for his campaign, and therefore does not meet one of the important criteria for selecting candidates for the debate.