The Japanese company NTT Docomo introduced inflatable unmanned aerial vehicles that move using an ultrasonic propulsion system.

Docomo has come up with a safe and noiseless drone with no sharp blades.

The increase in unmanned aerial vehicles poses a great danger to people, animals and other drones: the problem is in the blades, which rotate at a tremendous speed. To avoid injury, sophisticated algorithms and obstacle avoidance sensors are used.

Docomo got its own idea of ​​how to get rid of the blades completely. The new drone is a helium-filled balloon that keeps it airborne. Also, the new airship drone does not make noise or buzz, as it does not spend a lot of energy fighting gravity. This increases the flight time.

The drone’s movements are provided by an ultrasonic propulsion system. On either side of the balloon are two small ultrasonic modules that produce tiny vibrations that disrupt air movement and push the balloon left, right, forward, backward, up or down as needed.

The company said the new unmanned aerial vehicle would be ideal for use at events or commercial sites, indoors or outdoors.