A team of scientists from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California has developed the Eyes on Asteroids app. Now, on a computer or phone, you can observe spaceships, asteroids and comets that are approaching the Earth’s orbit.

Eyes on Asteroids has information about the orbits of all objects approaching the Earth. By moving the slider at the bottom of the screen, you can follow the orbital movements of the asteroids. The app is updated twice a day, so as soon as a new object is discovered in space, it is added to Eyes on Asteroids.

“We made Eyes on Asteroids as user-friendly as possible,” said Jason Craig, technical producer on the project. – For example, select “Asteroid Watching” to see five asteroids approaching Earth. The approach of asteroids to the Earth is of great interest, with the help of the application, users will be able to assess in real-time the danger of their approach to the Earth. ”

In Eyes on Asteroids, you can also watch animated models of spacecraft and their collisions with asteroids or comets.

Thousands of asteroids and dozens of comets are discovered in space every year. Today there are about 28,000 of them, but the number is growing daily. Astronomers keep a close eye on objects because some of them pose a threat to our planet.