Congressman Joe Wilson: “The Russian Federation should be called to account for its acts of global terrorism.”

Members of the House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs, Republican Congressman Joe Wilson and Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu submitted to the lower house of Congress a bipartisan resolution proposing to recognize the Russian Federation as a state sponsor of terrorism.

As the congressmen reported in a press release published on May 12, Russia, under the leadership of President Putin, “in addition to the numerous atrocities committed by Russian troops in Ukraine, continues to condone acts of international terrorism directed against political opponents and various countries around the world. The Russian Federation must be called to account for its acts of global terrorism.”

“The whole world is painfully aware of the fact of Putin’s criminal military invasion of Ukraine, as well as the bloody massacre that began as a result of it and continues [there], which has already led to the death of Ukrainian civilians and soldiers, the number of which has not been established, but is measured in thousands,” Congressman Joe Wilson said further in a statement. – However, Russia’s involvement in international terrorism over the years has been much broader and well documented, regardless of whether direct attacks took place or they were orchestrated through private military organizations and committed by mercenaries. This rampant terror must be stopped.”

“By assigning Russia the status of a state sponsor of terrorism, the United States will have the opportunity to ban the export of dual-use goods [to Russia] and take economic measures against other countries doing business with Russia. Moreover, the United States will be able to expand painful measures against Russia by freezing its assets in the United States, such as real estate… This will be a reasonable way to provide further assistance to Ukraine,” the press release says.

The resolution of Congressmen Wilson and Lieu was submitted to Congress following a similar bipartisan document in the Senate, sponsored by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal.

“Putin is a terrorist, and Putin’s Russia is one of the most destructive forces on the planet,” Senator Graham said. – Putin’s Russia deserves such a definition… We also make it clear to the Russian people that we are fighting Putin, and as long as he is your leader, engaging in such activities, you will be isolated on the world stage.”

Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Syria have been included in the American list of state sponsors of terrorism for today.