Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold 3, its first stylus-enabled foldable smartphone. And along with it – and new versions of the stylus S Pen Fold Edition and S Pen Pro. And although almost a week has passed since the presentation, more and more details about the work of the gadget and the stylus are revealed.

It has already been revealed that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 only supports the S Pen Fold Edition and S Pen Pro styli (when switched to the appropriate mode). If you try to use an old version of the electronic pen, the smartphone will warn you about incompatibility and refuse to work with it.

But what if the new stylus is used with conventional devices? But nothing. As it turned out, the S Pen Fold Edition is only compatible with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 – for example, it does not work with the flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra. More precisely, the phone will detect it, but the stylus will not work properly – for some reason, only as an eraser.

Therefore, if you are going to buy a stylus for several gadgets, it is better to choose the S Pen Pro. It is compatible with regular and foldable models, and even has Bluetooth, unlike the S Pen Fold Edition. True, it is larger, so it will not fit in a special case.

For dessert, Samsung has released a video that shows the many different uses of the stylus with a foldable smartphone.