Sarah Jessica Parker responded to the “leaking” of script fragments that caused a stir in the media.

The reboot of the popular TV series Sex and the City continues to be filmed in New York. Photos of several pages of the script were leaked online last week.

So, it became known that in one of the scenes Carrie Bradshaw is dining out with Charlotte York Goldenblatt and Miranda Hobbs and Stanford Blatch, who took the place of Samantha Jones.

Written by Carrie, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, she says she didn’t eat or drink because she was worried about her marriage and the fact that she would be just one of the ex-wives he cares about.

Most likely, the couple is not just having difficulties in the relationship, presumably they broke up the marriage and are engaged in the division of finances, so the woman compares herself to the ex-wives of Mr. Big.

A couple of pages of the script have caused a stir not only among the fans, who probably did not expect such a turn. The Cut has prepared a full breakdown based on the leak. Moreover, Sarah Jessica Parker herself commented on this fact.

On its Instagram, the magazine announced an article titled “What Can We Learn from the Sex and the City Scenario Leaked.”

In response to this on-screen Carrie wrote in the comments: “I really want to read the analysis.”