Multidisciplinary design company 3deluxe has unveiled a new zero-carbon superyacht concept. Details of the development are posted on the firm’s website.

3deluxe has unveiled the concept of a new superyacht VY.01. As the authors of the new design assure, it leaves a minimum carbon footprint. Also on board are solar panels and space for a vegetable garden.

In the project, the designers paid special attention to nature. In addition to the standard yacht premises (living room, kitchen, and bar), there is a place for a vegetable garden and a garden on board. The superyacht can grow healthy food and catch fresh fish in the ocean. The additional water required for the plants is provided by the seawater desalination system. It is powered by carbon-free solar panels on the roof and outside.

There are also touch-controlled blinds on board that regulate the amount of light that enters the upper decks. They are easy to close and open as needed. In addition to this, the touch-operated side blinds have transparent photovoltaic cells that provide power for the air conditioning, lighting, and desalination system.

Hydrogen fuel cells are considered a key technology for carbon-free cruise and yacht engines. They are planning to use them in the project. It is also expected that the construction of the yacht will not be harmful to the environment, and the vessel itself will use resources as economically as possible.

The yacht project will be available for purchase as an NFT on the SuperWorld auction platform.