Some territories of the former USSR and areas of some other countries may become part of Russia.

He noted that 20 million Russians remained outside of Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and expressed confidence that their civil rights are not fully respected at present, for example, their children cannot study in Russian schools.

The writer expressed the opinion that disenfranchised Russians are ready for the territories where they live to be annexed to Russia, and its authorities are obliged to help them.

According to him, if 75% of the population of a particular territory votes in a referendum for joining Russia, its authorities should do everything possible to implement the democratic choice of their compatriots.

In early June, the former foreign Minister Ukraine’s Pavlo Klimkin said that Ukraine has come to the end of the national idea of the liberation of Crimea. He explained this by the fact that the country’s authorities began to discuss the issue of water supplies to the Peninsula.