In the United States, retired Admiral James Stavridis and writer Elliot Ackerman in the book “2034: A Novel about the Coming World War” speculated about what would happen if a planetary-scale conflict fell out in our century.

An excerpt from their joint work was published by the National Interest publication.

The authors are convinced that a “global fire” will occur in 2034 due to the collision of the United States and China in the South China Sea. The world is developing rapidly, for this reason, drones and autonomous unmanned military equipment will not surprise anyone on the battlefield.

Real military actions will take place simultaneously with large-scale hacker attacks on enemy systems, Stavridis and Ackerman explained.

The admiral does not doubt that the United States will have to train small groups of elite special forces, which will be integrated with complexes based on breakthrough biotechnologies.

In the meantime, countries continue to “create and acquire weapons designed for the conflicts of the past,” but attention should be shifted to unmanned or autonomous weapons.