Australian musician Nick Cave, frontman of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, chose his funeral songs, NME reports.

The singer speculated on this topic, responding to a fan letter. He said that he said goodbye to his father to the compositions of Elvis Presley.

“I was very touched by your letter. I’m sure your dad is pleased that Elvis sounded at the funeral. I think I would be happy if I, too, were accompanied on my last journey to the greatest rock and roll singer of all time, “ Cave reacted. He explained that he would like to be buried with Presley’s songs Kentucky Rain and How Great Thou Art.

Earlier, in his blog, Cave spoke frankly about the breakup with British singer P.J. Harvey. The musician said that she called him and immediately announced that she wanted to part with him. When asked why she replied: “It’s just over.” “I was so surprised that I almost dropped my syringe,” he admitted.

Cave noted that deep inside, he suspected that his drug addiction could be the reason for the breakup, but they also had many problems beyond that.