Nike representatives claim that their FlyKnit technology was copied by Adidas and named PrimeKnit.

The American manufacturer of sporting goods Nike is seeking a ban on the import of a number of models of sneakers of its German competitor Adidas due to infringement of a patent on the technology of woven fabric. This was reported on Thursday by Bloomberg.

According to him, representatives of Nike filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC), in which they claim that their FlyKnit technology was copied by Adidas and named PrimeKnit. The first Nike sneakers with woven fabric were presented at the London Olympics in 2012, five months later Adidas showed its collection of shoes made using similar technology. Since that time, both manufacturers of sporting goods have defended their right to use such fabric in various courts.

“While Adidas unsuccessfully tried to challenge Nike’s patents, it continued to use Nike’s proprietary technology without permission. Nike is forced to take such a step to protect its investments in innovation in order to protect its technology from unauthorized use,” the agency quotes an excerpt from the complaint.

Adidas is already studying the petition of an American competitor and intends to “defend themselves on all charges.” “Our PrimeKnit technology is the result of many years of focused research and shows our commitment to environmental responsibility,” the agency quotes the company’s representative Mandy Nieber.

As Bloomberg notes, Nike has been aggressively defending FlyKnit technology and its other developments in the field of sports shoes for many years: in 2020, the Oregon company settled a patent dispute with German Puma, and in November of this year reached an agreement to settle several patent lawsuits with the American shoe manufacturer Skechers.