The Japanese automaker Nissan has developed a unique mode of transport. This is a small car with a serving tray that carries ramen, a popular Japanese noodle soup.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. released a video on YouTube demonstrating the capabilities of the e-4ORCE Ramen, a tiny vehicle that delivers bowls of noodles along the counter. Its peculiarity is that it stops quickly, but “does not spill a drop,” the automaker writes on its blog.

Nissan recently announced the development of the Ariya electric crossover. According to a press release, it features “unique technology to control the vehicle’s suspension, providing customers with unparalleled comfort.” The new technology came in the form of two small motors, one near the front wheels and one near the rear.

They are designed to receive information about driving conditions and then react to them, compensating for actions that interfere with a smooth ride. As a result, even when driving on uneven surfaces, the car maintains a smooth ride. The small ramen delivery car uses the same technology as the Ariya, Nissan explains. Therefore, it does not spill the soup when driving and hard braking.