The husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, died on April 9 at the hundredth year of his life. Recently it became known that the Duke of Edinburgh’s fortune is 35 million pounds and will go not only to family members but also to those who were loyal to the prince in the last years of his life. After the death of Prince Philip, it was widely discussed in the British press who would get the fortune of the husband of Queen Elizabeth II. The duke’s inheritance, according to experts, is from thirty to thirty-five million pounds. Philip made his will a few years before his death, mentioning in it not only family members, but also employees of the palace. Several hundred thousand pounds will be received by the secretary, Brigadier Archie Miller Bakewell, the Prince’s servant William Henderson, and his valet Stephen Nidoyadlo. It was these three men who took care of the prince for ten years. A palace spokesman noted that such generosity was characteristic of Philip during his lifetime. In addition to the employees, the prince’s fortune will be shared by his wife and grandchildren. Contrary to expectations, Prince Harry Philip did not exclude from the will after his move to California. Philip’s favorite pony will be given to his granddaughter Louise, the daughter of Elizabeth II’s eldest son Edward. By the way, Edward himself, after the death of his mother, will inherit the title that Prince Philip himself bore, and will become the Duke of Edinburgh. The Queen inherited a collection of paintings and jewelry from her husband.