The rental fees of the 25th James Bond film “No Time To Die” exceeded $ 733 million. Deadline reported this.

Thus, the spy thriller became the highest-grossing Hollywood movie of 2021 and the era of the pandemic as a whole. It is noted that out of the total amount, only 154 million dollars were collected by the creators of the tape at the American box office, the rest of the earnings fell on the international viewer.

The only competitor of “No Time To Die” could be only the American blockbuster “Fast and Furious 9,” which collected a total of $ 725 million. No other Hollywood film has exceeded the 700 million mark for rental this year.

The premiere of the film “No time to die” took place on September 28 this year. The film was the last film of the franchise, in which the main role was played by British actor Daniel Craig.