The DPRK launched an unknown projectile in the eastern direction, Yonhap news agency reports with reference to the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea.

“North Korea fired an unknown projectile in the eastern direction,” the committee said.

This is the eighth weapons test of the DPRK this year. North Korea conducted seven missile tests in January. On January 5 and 11, the DPRK tested hypersonic missiles. On January 14, two short-range ballistic missiles were launched from a railway missile system. On January 17 and 27, the DPRK conducted tests of tactical guided missiles also of short range. Also on January 25, two long-range cruise missiles were launched, which, unlike ballistic missile tests, does not violate UN Security Council resolutions. On January 30, North Korea conducted a test launch of the Hwasong-12 medium-range ballistic missile.