North Koreans have been banned from discussing the health and appearance of national leader Kim Jong-Un after his weight loss. Radio Free Asia reports this.

According to local authorities, the weight loss of the politician indicates that he, along with his citizens, is suffering from a chronic deterioration in food security, aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic.

“For the first time, the leaders of the patrol meetings in the regions felt the need to declare that Kim Jong-Un has no health problems officially. At the same time, many citizens agreed that losing weight benefits the head of state, and his previous form was dangerous for him,” a resident of the northeastern port city, who wished to remain anonymous, told the publication.

Another anonymous source from the city of Sariwon, south of Pyongyang, noted that, despite the warnings of the authorities, talk about the deterioration of the leader’s health does not subside.

“They banned the dissemination of any information about the health of the leader. He, according to them, became emaciated because of the pile of state affairs. But the public is still discussing this problem,” he said.