In China, the free text editor Notepad++ and the program’s website were blocked. Its update found support for the Uyghur population of the country and the protests in Hong Kong.

Chinese authorities have blocked a text editor and the Notepad++ website. They did not explain the reasons for the blocking, but several publications noted at once that this was due to a program update, the title, and source code of which included the words “Free Uyghur” and “Stand With Hong Kong”.

The program appeared in 2003, it was created by the French developer Don Ho. Notepad++ is free, runs on Windows and supports about 90 languages. In the latest update, the creators of the program expressed their concerns about human rights in China.

This is not the first time the Notepad ++ team has expressed its political position. In 2014, words of support were found in the source code for the Protestants in Tiananmen Square. At the end of 2019, a version of the Free Uyghur program was released, after which the manufacturer’s website was attacked by hackers.