In France, high school students blocked the entrances to more than a hundred lyceums in protest against the education reform and the government’s tax policy. In the Paris region, students threw stones at police officers and burned several cars.

Activists managed to block access to lyceums throughout France. In Paris, about ten schools participate in protests. Lyceum students demand the abolition of the education reform, which provides for the introduction of pre-selection of students for admission to universities. The protesters also shouted slogans demanding the resignation of French President Emmanuel Macron.
In several cities of France, a peaceful school protest turned into a riot. In Toulouse, the protesters smashed several storefronts of boutiques, and in Nice, an improvised motorcade of schoolchildren led to disruptions in public transport. In Bordeaux police had to use tear gas. Journalists report at least one wounded schoolgirl.

In comments to journalists Le Monde protesters expressed support to the participants of the movement “yellow vests”, who oppose the increase in fuel prices. Some students said they went out on Saturday, December 1, during a mass protest against the tax policy of the authorities.