Russia needs to listen to the rest of the world, stressed the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs.

The United States does not seek a second Cold war, but calls on Russia to listen to the opinion of the rest of the world in the situation around Ukraine. This position was voiced by U.S. Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland.

“No one wants a new cold war,” the deputy Foreign Minister assured, answering the question about where, from the point of view of the American administration, international relations are moving at the current stage. “However, Russia needs to listen to the opinion of the world. The UN on Wednesday condemned Russia’s aggression against Ukraine,” the diplomat said. She was referring to the resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly at a special session condemning the Russian operation in Ukraine. The decisions of the General Assembly are not legally binding. Representatives of 141 countries voted for the resolution, five States voted against it, 35 abstained.

“If Russia does not end this war and does not leave Ukraine, then it will be isolated on a small island with a group of unfinished. And all of us <…”we will move forward and build a prosperous future while Russia suffers from complete economic and technological isolation from the rest of the world for the crimes committed in Ukraine,” Nuland believes.

According to her, the United States remains ready to negotiate with the Russian Federation on the security issues it has raised in Europe, including Ukraine. “<…> We have been trying for several months to talk to Russia about its security concerns – in November, December, January and February. And we are still ready to talk with Russia,” the Deputy Secretary of State noted.

“However,” she added, “when we sit down at the [negotiating] table, Russia should be ready to tell the truth.” “If they are ready to stop lying, if they are ready to stop bombing and shelling, then, of course, then the world is ready to talk,” Nuland argued, referring to Russian officials.