Oak planted on the lawn in front of the White House in Washington by US President Donald Trump and French leader Emmanuel Macron died. It is reported by the newspaper Le Figaro.

The tree is dead, having suffered due to prolonged phytosanitary quarantine when imported to the United States. Presumably, it could not normally take root in the soil.

According to the publication, the customs and border service of the United States, which is subordinate to the Ministry of agriculture, establishes a quarantine on imports of plants, seeds, and soil to avoid the spread of diseases and invasive species of insects.

Earlier media reported the disappearance of the planted tree.

Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte visited the White House on April 25, 2018. Their visit was timed to coincide with the 250th anniversary of relations between the US and France. The presidential couple, along with Donald and Melania Trump, planted an oak tree brought from France in the courtyard of the residence of the American leader. The seedling was taken in the town of Bello, where in June 1918 the battle took place, during which the French and US Marine Corps jointly repelled the German offensive.