Experts were able to see on the skeleton the number 2109.

American oceanographers found at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico the skeleton of a sunken ship launched, presumably, in the middle of the XIX century. The US National Oceanic and atmospheric administration (NOAA) reported on its website.

The discovery was made on May 16, about 250 km from the shore at a depth of about 500 meters during the inspection by NOAA specialists of a new remotely operated apparatus for studying the seabed. Despite the fact that two weeks have passed since the opening, it was officially announced only on Thursday.

According to NOAA, we are talking about a 37-meter wooden vessel, the lower part of which, below the waterline, is upholstered in copper. Due to this, it is well preserved, and on the skeleton, you can even see the numbers 2109, the value of which, however, could not be established. Experts note that the ship apparently sank due to a fire on Board. This is evidenced by the missing masts and rigging elements, as well as several charred fragments of the skeleton.
At the same time, neither the ownership of the ship nor the approximate date of its crash, NOAA experts are still difficult to name.