On August, 20 million people were infected with the coronavirus in the world

Following the morbidity, mortality is also growing: if in July about 265 thousand infected people died in the world, then in August – about 300 thousand.

In August, the number of confirmed coronavirus infection cases in the world increased by about 20 million, which is 4.5 million higher than in July. The incidence was higher only in April 2021, when more than 22 million cases were detected on the planet.

The epicenters of the pandemic are now North America and Asia. In some countries of Western Europe, where serious outbreaks were registered in the middle of summer, the situation has improved. Still, it has become worse in the East – where the authorities have already started talking about the fourth wave.

Following the morbidity, mortality is also growing: if in July about 265 thousand infected people died in the world, then in August – about 300 thousand.

Free News has collected key statistics of the pandemic over the past month.

North America

Another covered North America – already the second in 2021-outbreak of a new infection. In the United States, the number of confirmed cases of infection increased 2.5 times in a month, to 175 thousand per day, and deaths tripled to 1.5 thousand per day. In total, about 4.5 million cases were registered in the country in August.

In Mexico, the peak of the incidence occurred in mid-August, when more than 25 thousand infected people were detected there every day, and in the last two weeks, the indicator fell to 15 thousand. The death rate for the month doubled, to 1 thousand deaths per day.

The number of detected cases grew most rapidly in Canada, where the rate of infection spread increased fivefold at once. In the last week of August, more than 5 thousand cases of infection per day were registered in the country.


In some Asian countries, where the incidence has been growing rapidly since the beginning of summer, it declined by the end of August. However, in India, where the situation has been stable over the past two months, the number of cases increased by a quarter in one week, to 50 thousand per day. In total, about 1.1 million infected people were identified there in August.

About the same number of people fell ill in Iran during this period, but another wave is already declining there. If 50 thousand infections per day were confirmed in the Islamic republic in the middle of the month, now it is 30 thousand. As in India, 0.5 thousand deaths from a new disease are registered there every day.

The incidence is at its peak in Malaysia and the Philippines – in each of these countries, more than 20 thousand cases are now recorded per day, which is the highest rate for them since the beginning of the pandemic.

In Indonesia, since mid-July, the infection rate has fallen tenfold, from 50 thousand to 5 thousand infected per day, and the mortality rate has tripled to 0.6 thousand cases per day.

From west to east

In Europe, the pandemic wave has moved from the west to the east: the situation has been stabilized in the West, and the incidence is growing rapidly in the East.

Most of those infected are still detected in the UK (about 900 thousand per month), but since mid-July, the number of new cases has significantly decreased – from 50 thousand to 35 thousand per day. In France, the rate of infection spread in August was halved, in Spain – three times.

However, the situation is different to the east. So, in Poland, the incidence has increased at least twice, from 100-200 to 400 cases per day, and in Ukraine – by 2.5 times, and now more than 2 thousand infections are registered there every day, which is the maximum since May. In Germany, the number of detected cases has increased by almost an order of magnitude – from 1.5 thousand per day in early August to 14 thousand in the last days of summer.

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