NASA experts have studied the data of the Mars Rover Curiosity and found in the atmosphere of Mars a significant amount of methane, which may indirectly indicate the presence of living beings on the planet. The New York Times reported it.

Scientists have requested additional information from the Mars Rover. They intend to conduct new experiments to confirm their observations. Research results are expected on Monday, June 24.

The researchers note that the detected methane was produced recently, as sunlight and chemical reactions destroy it. However, they do not exclude that the gas could be inside the planet for millions of years, and now comes out through cracks.

In 2013, the Rover already found methane in the atmosphere of Mars. Observations received this week are three times higher than the gas level recorded six years ago.

On Earth, usually, organisms produced methane.

In late March, Curiosity found inside the Martian crater Gale nitrogen compounds necessary for the survival of living organisms. His appearance could contribute to the fall of asteroids and the presence of hydrogen gas in the atmosphere of the red planet.