The authors of the series of strategy games Beholder announced on Twitter that their game can be taken completely free of charge from Steam. The distribution will last until 20:00 on November 11. To pick up a game, you need to go to its page on Steam and add it to your library.

Beholder is a video game developed by Warm Lamp Games and published by Alawar Entertainment.

The game was released on November 9, 2016 for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS platforms.

The main character is Karl Stein, who was appointed manager of the house in a totalitarian state. His main task is to spy on the tenants of an apartment building. The player can search apartments, spy on residents through keyholes or CCTV cameras that he can install in apartments; blackmail residents for violations, as well as write reports on violators of the directives. The ministry demands to report on all those who violated the law.

The player has a choice: to side with the people and help them avoid punishment from the state, or to follow all the commands of the government. During the game, the caretaker will communicate with the inhabitants of the house and how events will develop in the future will depend on his actions. Over time, an underground organization appears in the plot. Karl has a choice: to comply with all orders of the ministry, or to carry out the instructions of an underground organization. Depending on the choice, this will lead to a different course of events.

Karl lives with his family in the basement of this house. They also have needs that need to be met (or not) during the game. There are two resources in the game: money and reputation. Reputation is necessary for the purchase of CCTV cameras (through which Karl will record violations or activities of people) and in order to have authority among the residents. Money, in turn, for buying things for the house, completing tasks, paying for groceries, fines, renting an apartment.