Another 36% of respondents consider Ukraine a “friendly, but not allied” state.

Only 20% of Americans consider Ukraine to be an ally of the United States, another 36% consider it a “friendly, but not allied” state. This is evidenced by the results of a public opinion poll published, conducted by the newspaper Politico together with the Morning Consult company.

At the same time, 5% of respondents call Ukraine a hostile state, and 15% – “unfriendly, but not hostile.” Another 23% of the participants in the sociological study found it difficult to answer the question.

Russia is considered an ally of the United States by 3% of respondents, 10% characterize it as a friendly state, another 24% classify the Russian Federation as “unfriendly countries, but not enemies,” and 49% as hostile. 14% of respondents refrained from answering the question.

The survey was conducted from February 5 to 6 among 2,005 registered voters. The statistical margin of error is two percentage points.