Despite the fact that 5G is not yet available to many users, OPPO is already preparing for the next generation of mobile Internet and even introduced its concept called AI Cube.

OPPO has set up a dedicated team to conduct research on 6G exploitation. The company believes that the sixth generation network will change the way people interact with artificial intelligence.

With 6G, smart devices will become essential contributors to AI. They will download and deploy artificial intelligence algorithms at various application layers, and continually collect data for more advanced AI models. This can come in handy for self-driving cars. 6G networks will be able to determine the most appropriate artificial intelligence algorithm and optimal communication connection, depending on the location of the car, as well as the time of day, weather, etc. The car will be able to instantly download and run algorithms that have already been trained by other vehicles and devices. This will make it safer and more comfortable for passengers to travel.

“Technological development should be forward-looking. Cellular technology has evolved over decades and is expected to standardize the next generation of communications technology in 2025 and commercialize it around 2035, ”said Henry Tan, OPPO’s Chief 5G Scientist.

The company believes that 6G will revolutionize the development of artificial intelligence, while solving many traditional problems.

Now, limited computing power and a small amount of memory in smart devices do not allow the maximum use of artificial intelligence algorithms. However, in 6G networks, the AI ​​domain will play several roles at once: the traditional source station, database, model store, and application server.

As part of the proposed network, 6G devices will be allocated to the artificial intelligence domain based on location and device requirements. Unlike 4G and 5G networks, artificial intelligence in 6G networks will be integrated on the device side and on the network side. In this case, the device will play a more important role.