Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently became parents for the second time. The couple had a baby girl. The baby was named Lilibet Diana.

In the media, information about the future baptism of the girl has already begun to appear. The main question that interests the public is who will be chosen for the role of godparents.

It is unlikely that the Dukes of Sussex will want to name these people. However, it is clear that among the applicants, most likely, will be celebrities from their inner circle. One obvious figure who may end up in this role is Oprah Winfrey.

Recently, the TV presenter took part in the Entertainment Tonight show, dedicated to the gossip column. I asked her if she was ready to be Lilibet’s godmother.

Oprah said that she did not need it, as she would be present in the girl’s life anyway.

“I’m the default godmother, I’m a neighbor, I’m a friend, and so on,” she explained.

Then Oprah added:

“I think you need someone younger to be your godmother…”

It is worth noting that the TV personality did not explain her position.

During the interview, she also said that she was very happy for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. As for the girl’s name, Oprah said that she really likes it.

Although Oprah will most likely not be Lilibet’s godmother, she will most likely definitely give the baby a good gift.

In 2019, when Archie was born, she gave him a collection of children’s books. The names of the godparents of the first-born Duke of Sussex are still unknown.