No wonder the 44-year-old actor diligently sang songs to his daughter that mention the word “dad”. In a fresh interview with The Times, Orlando Bloom said that his plan worked perfectly: Daisy first uttered that word.

The star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” approached this issue so responsibly because his son Flynn first learned to say “mom” from ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

“It’s amazing to be a father again,” Bloom added. – Daisy is a delighted baby. [In the morning] I kiss her, and we talk for a while. I look into her eyes and sing Daddy Loves His Daisy Dove, so she knows who Daddy is. “

The daughter of Orlando and Katy Perry was born in August last year. Last few weeks, the star couple was vacationing with a baby in the Hawaiian Islands. Recently, the paparazzi spotted the 36-year-old singer with a ring on that every finger, and this gave rise to rumours of her secret wedding to Bloom. So far, celebrities have not commented on fan speculation. We remind you that they got engaged two years ago.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Orlando also opened up about his intimate life. When asked by a journalist how often he and Katie manage to be alone, he replied: “Not very often – we just had a baby.”

A year ago, Bloom admitted that before meeting Perry, he felt unhappy and therefore risked using the advice of a friend who urged him to “completely give up intimate relations for several months to build a new serious relationship.”

“I was going to get rid of it for three months, but then I realized that I get pleasure from the fact that I look at the process of communicating with girls from a different angle and accept the female self,” the actor shared in an interview with The Sunday Times.