Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry have a misfortune – their favorite poodle, named Mighty, disappeared.

On Wednesday, the actor and his pregnant bride combed the neighborhood of Montecito, California, hoping to find a pet. They also asked passers-by and motorists. The paparazzi captured Katie and Orlando as they spoke to one of the drivers.

Orlando later decided to seek help from his four million Instagram audience. He posted pictures of Mighty and wrote:

Mighty is gone! In Montecito, California. He is microchipped and has a phone number on his collar. If you take him to a local veterinary clinic or shelter, or to the police, they will be able to return him to me for a fee. Please send me real information, my heart is already broken, so don’t add any insults to this.

The actor started Mighty in 2017, and he was his company at many social events and travels. Katie also has a favorite – the dog Nugget.

In 2016, Orlando grieved the death of his dog Sidi, who died of liver disease. Bloom even preserved his skeleton, which has become a home decor piece reminiscent of a museum piece.

 ‘I know this is a little strange. But the composition is tasteful, and I can still wish Sidi good night,’  says the actor.