A book titled “Julia” by Sandra Newman will be released in 2023.

American writer Sandra Newman will retell George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984” on behalf of a woman. The British writer’s Foundation has approved the idea to publish a reinterpretation of the classic book, The Guardian newspaper reported.

The new book will be published under the title “Julia,” presumably in 2023. She will tell about the events of “1984” on behalf of the beloved of the main character Winston Smith.

“Julia understands the world of Oceania (the fictional place where the characters of the novel live) much better than Winston. Orwell himself wrote that in some respects she was more perceptive than the main character, and much less susceptible to party propaganda,” the Granta publishing house, which will publish the novel, said in a statement. The publisher notes that Julia is an ideal citizen of Oceania until she meets Winston Smith.

According to Bill Hamilton, a representative of the Orwell Foundation, Newman in his book will answer two unanswered questions in the original novel: what Julia saw in Winston and how she faced the party hierarchy. Hamilton noted that millions of fans of the work will find “Julia” a “provocative and satisfying companion.”

The writer’s son and heir Richard Blair approved the idea to rethink “1984.” The Orwell Foundation noted that they had been looking for a suitable author for a long time, and called Sandra Newman, who gained fame after the release of her debut book “The Only Good Thing Anyone Has Ever Done” (2002), “an ideal candidate.”