The organizers of the 93rd Academy Awards refused to follow the example of the Emmy and Golden Globe awards, which were held both offline and online. The event producers warned the nominees that they would not say a thank you speech from their apartments. If you want a statuette, come to Hollywood for it.

“We would like to warn people who will not be able to attend due to schedule or travel concerns that you will not be able to join the show via Zoom,” the official letter said. – We do our best to ensure a safe and, most importantly, enjoyable evening for all of you personally. We feel that virtuality will diminish our efforts. “

The dres’s code of the event remains the same strict: no one can exchange sophisticated evening dresses for cosy home clothes. “We strive for a fusion of inspirational and inspirational, which, in essence, means: formal style is welcome, casual is not,” added the producers.

Laureates should also think over their acceptance speech in advance: “Feel the atmosphere. Tell a story. If you thank someone, say his name, not his position … The audience leans back when they see that the winner has a piece of paper in his hands. “

The solemn ceremony will take place on April 25.