Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has apologized to his compatriots for the mistakes made during his stay in power.

The head of state leaves office on August 3.

“We tried to make our policy contain fewer mistakes and shortcomings. But if they did exist, then I want to apologize to the people for this,” Rouhani said, his words are quoted by EADaily.

He admitted that the population is dissatisfied with the situation with the standard of living in the country. According to him, “there is a truth in this.”

Rouhani stressed that Iran was under pressure from US sanctions imposed under former President Donald Trump. He urged his fellow citizens to look “from this point of view” at what has been done.

The new president of Iran will be Ebrahim Raisi. He won the election on July 18.

Rouhani took the top post in Iran in 2013.