Blizzard announced that it is ready to start testing the online action movie Overwatch 2, and the first stage will start at the end of April.

Since the developers want players to get acquainted with the new part as quickly as possible, they decided to separate the release of individual modes. And the first will be available PvP-modes. This week, company employees and esports players will start testing them, but soon more players will be attracted to the CBT.

In April, the first mass closed beta testing of Overwatch 2 will take place. The open stage is scheduled for this year, it will be held on PC and consoles, but nothing concrete has been announced about its timing yet.

In a special address, Overwatch 2 game director Aaron Keller acknowledged that the team let players down with rare additions to Overwatch content. They want to change this for the second part: the release of new content will be regular.

For the first phase of testing, 5×5 modes are being prepared with four new maps and a new hero, Sojourn. Players will be introduced to a new Push mode, an updated ping system, and redesigned four heroes. Acceptance of applications for participation will start as soon as the developers manage to ensure the stability of the site.