Last week it became known that Paris Hilton accepted the marriage proposal of her boyfriend, Carter Reum. Discussing the engagement in a new episode of the iHeartRadio podcast, Paris said she would take Carter’s last name after the wedding.

“I’ll take his last name, but hyphenated with mine. It will be Paris Hilton-Reum. My last name is my last name. I like her, ” the celebrity said.

Hilton also shared her plans: “I really want to start a family with him. This is what I have been waiting for. We discussed this with him from the very beginning – how exciting it is, how cute and fun it will be with us. First the wedding, then the children. “

Reum proposed to Paris just days before her 40th birthday on a trip to a tropical island. He knelt in front of his beloved on the seashore and presented her with a luxurious diamond ring worth about two million dollars. “All evening, I waited for him to do it. I assumed that he would hide the ring in a cake or a small shell, but nothing like that happened, ”Hilton said.

Separately, Paris described the delight of the ring: “He opened the box, and the ring shone so brightly, shone … This is the most beautiful thing that I have seen in my life. I put it on and was crazy about happiness. And then my sister and husband, my brother and wife, mother, uncle suddenly came out of the bushes. It was so nice that he decided to celebrate this event with the whole family. “

Carter is the same age as Paris, a businessman, and is the co-founder of the VEEV Spirits distillery and the M13 holding company. His relationship with Hilton began in late 2019.