The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner of Australian airline Qantas has made the first-ever non-stop flight on the new York-Sydney route. This was reported in a statement released by the company on Sunday.

The release notes that the plane successfully landed in Sydney after a training flight lasting 19 h 16 min. 49 passengers and crewmembers attended it.
During the flight, some experiments were conducted, the results of which will assess the well-being of people on Board. For example, the pilots measured brain activity and reaction rate, and the passengers had to perform a series of physical exercises. “The research will help in the future to compile a list of crew candidates and develop customer service standards on ultra-long-haul flights,” Qantas said in a statement.

In August, the airline informed that it plans to launch ultra-long flights from the East coast of Australia to London and New York. The new routes are to be part of the Sunrise-Qantas project, which involves opening several new destinations for flights to Australian cities.

It is planned that by December the airline will be able to accurately calculate the economic feasibility of routes and make a final decision on the launch of flights of the Sunrise project.