According to the musician, the split was provoked by John Lennon.

Former Beatles member Paul McCartney has strongly rejected suggestions that he was responsible for the breakup of the group in the 1970s.

Speaking on the BBC radio program “Cultural Life,” which will air on October 23, McCartney said John Lennon wanted to disband the Beatles.

“I didn’t provoke a split,” McCartney said. “That was our Johnny.”

When the interviewer asked him about his decision to start an independent music career, McCartney said: “Wait. It wasn’t me who provoked the split. No, no, no. One day John came into the room and said: “I’m leaving the Beatles.” Is this a provocation of a split or not?”

McCartney expressed regret over the breakup, stating that the band continued to create “pretty good stuff.”

“It was my band, my job, my life. And I wanted to continue,” he said.