The 1994 Toyota Supra appeared in the first two parts of the saga, driven by Paul Walker’s hero. The car may go under the hammer in June. The car is up for auction at Barrett-Jackson, where it will be the most expensive lot.

This is the second copy of the Supra, the so-called hero car, the car is in excellent technical condition, it was used only for shooting close-ups, writes After the release of the film, this model became a cult one and almost every “night racer” dreamed of seeing the same car in his garage.

The car was assembled in one of the workshops specifically for filming in “Fast and Furious”. The Supra looks exactly like in the movie, and the auctioneers only had to update the paint on the body a little. This copy of “Supra” is equipped with a standard engine, but an unpleasant surprise awaits for drift lovers – an automatic transmission.

Recall that six years ago, almost the same car went under the hammer for 185 thousand dollars. The car on which the stunts were performed in Fast and Furious was sold by one of the stuntmen.