The PayPal payment system has suspended sending and receiving payments in Russia against the backdrop of the geopolitical situation and is asking customers to withdraw money from their accounts by March 18 to “minimize possible further service disruptions,” the company said in a statement.

PayPal announced on March 5 that it was suspending the provision of services in Russia. At the same time, the company stopped making internal transfers in Russia in 2020, so the share of the system in the Russian payment market is not significantly significant, Anatoly Perfiliev, junior director for bank ratings at Expert RA, told in early March.

“Due to recent events, we have decided to suspend our services for sending and receiving payments in Russia. We are currently retaining the withdrawal feature. In order to minimize possible further service failures, we kindly ask you to withdraw the remaining funds from your account by March 18, 2022,” the message reads.

PayPal is the largest international debit electronic payment system. It allows customers to pay bills and purchases, send and receive money transfers.