Peaceful rallies against police take place in downtown Minneapolis

The number of participants in the action at its peak reached about a hundred people.

Dozens of people rallied outside the Hennepin County Courthouse in downtown Minneapolis on Wednesday evening to demand further police reform following the verdict in the case of ex-cop Derek Chauvin.

In the center of Minneapolis, the day after the verdict was announced, increased security measures continue to operate, and shop windows are still closed with wooden shields. The administrative buildings are still surrounded by concrete barriers with metal mesh and barbed wire. The situation is calm.

The number of participants in the action at the peak reached about a hundred people. Among them were acquaintances of the dark-skinned Daunte Wright, who was shot during the arrest in early April. His funeral will be held in the city tomorrow. The participants proclaimed the slogans “No justice – no peace!”, “There are no good police officers in a racist system.” “The guilty verdict in the case of Chauvin is, of course, important, but there are still many police officers who have committed crimes who remain at large,” one of the participants of the rally told, explaining why they continue to gather after the verdict to Chauvin.

At some point, the protesters marched from the administration building to the court, where the hearings in the case of Chauvin were held, blocking half of the roadway of one of the streets, but did not meet with opposition from the police.

Not all residents of the city are in solidarity with the protesters. One of the motorists passing by the venue shouted a racist slogan at the crowd. The participants of the action responded with an appeal not to pay attention and to remain calm.

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