A representative of the Republican Party, Liz Cheney, was previously included in the investigation mechanism.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi (representing the Democratic Party) announced on Sunday the confirmation of the second Republican – Congressman Adam Kinzinger (from Illinois) – to the special committee to investigate the storming of the Capitol on January 6. This is stated in a statement by Pelosi, who holds the third most important post in the state hierarchy of the country. Earlier, a representative of the Republican Party, Liz Cheney (from Wyoming), was included in the investigation mechanism.

Cheney and Kinzinger were part of a group of 10 House Republicans who voted in January for the impeachment of the previous US president and their party member Donald Trump.

On July 22, the speaker of the lower house refused to approve the candidacies of two of the five lawmakers from the opposition party, Jim Jordan (from Ohio) and Jim Banks (from Indiana), who are among the active supporters of Trump. The head of the Republican minority in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy (from California), in response, withdrew the candidacies of all five colleagues in the party.

“On January 6, the rebels tried to overthrow the government in the most terrible attack on the Capitol since the War of 1812 (the Anglo – American War of 1812-1815). We must learn the truth about this day and ensure that such a thing will never happen again,” Pelosi said in a statement. “That’s why we created a special bipartisan committee to investigate the attack on the Capitol.” “Today I am announcing the confirmation of Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger, an Air Force veteran and lieutenant colonel of the National Guard of the US Air Force, as a member of the special committee,” the speaker said.

It was assumed that the special committee would include 13 congressmen from both parties. McCarthy was to propose five of them, and Pelosi was to propose the rest, including the chairman of the committee. It has the right to reject McCarthy’s candidacies and decide who will be included in the final composition of the committee, which will have the authority to subpoena witnesses to its hearings. In May, the House of Representatives called for the formation of an independent commission under Congress to investigate the January riots. Then 35 Republicans joined the Democrats who approved the proposal. However, in the Senate of Congress, this proposal was blocked by Republicans. After that, Pelosi put forward the idea of creating a special committee in the lower house.