WASHINGTON – Democrat Bernie Sanders should continue the election fight, despite losing the results of the past primaries to former Vice President Joe Biden, according to the speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

“I don’t think Bernie Sanders should stop participating in the race,” Pelosi said Thursday at a briefing. She noted that Sanders has broad support, and wished him and Biden good luck in the upcoming TV debates on Sunday.

“I am glad that now we have a chance to reduce the number of candidates and get closer to choosing who will represent the (Democratic) party,” the speaker of the House of Representatives said.

Sanders is significantly behind Biden in terms of the number of delegates that will have to nominate a presidential candidate. Sanders conceded defeat in Tuesday’s primaries in several states, saying that by losing by the number of voters, he wins the ideological debate. He also indicated that he is supported by young people, while Biden is mostly supported by people over 65.

Presidential elections will be held in the United States in November, the candidate from the Democratic Party, who will fight the election with the current Republican President Donald Trump, will be determined at the Democratic Party Congress in July.