According to the press secretary of the U.S. Defense Ministry John Kirby, the Pentagon responds as quickly as possible to the defense needs of the Ukrainian side.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said that not all information about arms supplies to Ukraine should get into the press, and added: “We are very careful about the amount of information we publish about this.”

“Every day we hand over weapons to Ukrainians, as well as logistical and auxiliary equipment. And as we have said before, we will continue to do this as quickly as possible,” Kirby said. According to him, the Pentagon is not going to disclose specific details of supplies for the sake of the security of these operations, but every day it monitors the situation and promptly responds to the needs of the Ukrainian side.

Earlier, the Washington Post newspaper reported on a diplomatic note sent to the Department of State by the Russian Embassy in Washington, which contains a warning that supplies from the United States and other NATO countries of certain weapons systems to Ukraine “add fuel to the fire” of the conflict and may lead to “unpredictable consequences.”

The Department of State has not yet commented on this note.

In order to use some of the American weapons, the Ukrainian military will need to undergo training, and as the Pentagon said earlier, the Americans are still working on the format of such training, but it will be organized “very quickly.” Most likely, it will be about sending individual representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to European NATO bases for training, with their subsequent return to Ukraine and holding mass trainings for all personnel.