Publisher Atlus and studio Arc System Works are preparing a network code rollback feature for the Persona 4 Arena Ultimax fighting game. This was announced by the producer of the game Kazuhisa Wada.

The network rollback code is one of the most important features for modern fighting games, it smooths out online delays during attacks and makes it possible to accurately display the inputs of both players. To do this, the code creates a “prediction” of how the characters will behave, and only makes changes if the prediction does not come true.

The ability to not depend on connection flaws will appear for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax players after the release, its introduction is scheduled for the summer. Recall that the release of the game will take place on March 17, it will appear on the PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

According to Wada, the development team is happy with the response the port of the original Persona 4 Arena is getting. He thanks for the many years of support from all the fans of the fighting game, which was released almost ten years ago on the PlayStation 3.