Photos of a man who claims that there is an explosive device in his car parked in the area of the Library of Congress in Washington have appeared on the network.

On Thursday afternoon, a man in a truck parked in the area of the Library of Congress and said that there was an explosive device in the car. Rescuers evacuated residents of nearby houses and office workers. According to a police spokesman, the identity of the suspect has been established, but his motives are still unknown.

Users of social networks shared the pictures of the attacker. In one of the published photos, a man looks like a European. He is sitting in the cabin of a black pickup truck and holding a mobile phone in his hands. Dollar bills are scattered next to the car.

According to some reports, the man was broadcasting a video on Facebook, where he criticized the current U.S. President Joe Biden and claimed that he had planted bombs “all over the city.” Later, the account, presumably belonging to the attacker, was blocked.