Pilots of a crashed Pakistani aircraft, in preparation for landing, discussed the coronavirus pandemic. Distracted by the dialogue, they staged a plane crash, Pakistani Minister of Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan said, presenting an initial report on the crash. His words are quoted by Reuters.

Khan claims that the plane did not reveal technical problems, and the pilots were completely healthy and made their next flight. At the same time, they began to land the board from a great height, which was repeatedly warned by dispatchers who advised them to leave for the second round. But one of the pilots replied: “I can handle it,” and the captain continued to discuss the coronavirus.

“A few warnings about speeding, lack of chassis, and approaching the ground were ignored. The landing was carried out with the landing gear retracted. The plane touched the surface of the runway, ”said the Minister of Aviation, adding that the pilots spoke of the coronavirus because the pandemic affected their families.

Reuters reports that it has read the report on the crash, however, information about the dialogue voiced by Khan was not found.