Swiss Airlines said it will create a coating that replicates the structure of shark scales to cover all 12 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. This will help reduce aerodynamic drag and reduce fuel consumption.

The airline created the film AeroSHARK, which repeats the placoid scales of sharks. It consists of millions of spikes in the form of a prism 50 micrometers high.

The covering maintains an ultraviolet, water, differences of temperature and pressure. The development has already been tested on the lower fuselage of the Boeing 747-400. As a result, aerodynamic drag decreased by 0.8%.

Over the course of a year, such coverage on a single aircraft could save up to 300 metric tons of kerosene and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 900 metric tons.

Each aircraft requires 950 m² of AeroSHARK film. According to Swiss calculations, the resulting fuel savings will be approximately 1.1%. That is, over the year, the amount of fuel consumed will decrease by 4.8 thousand tons, and the total carbon dioxide emissions from all 12 Boeing 777s will decrease by 15.2 thousand tons.

As a result, the cost of flights and the rate of environmental pollution will decrease.