Ubisoft presented a trailer for two maps from the new game in the world of Tom Clancy – Tom Clancy’s XDefiant, but the players treated them with a rather reserved attitude.

The project was announced earlier in July, and it is a free multiplayer arena first-person shooter where players are divided into factions. But, then many did not appreciate the announcement, giving the video many dislikes on YouTube, which significantly exceeded the likes.

The dissatisfaction did not pass by the new video with maps – now the video has 380 likes and 212 dislikes, which is not as bad as the debut trailer, but also not very impressive. At the same time, the maps represent a large abandoned shopping center and a planetarium.

Testing for XDefiant in the US and Canada kicks off on August 5, with a release planned for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.