Polish President Andrzej Duda announced the need to tighten sanctions against Russia and its energy sector. He called for the dismantling of the already built “Nord Stream-2” gas pipeline, since “such projects are political.”

He stated this in an interview with CNN.

“The sanctions regime should be strengthened. I don’t doubt it at all. This is, of course, a very difficult task…The best thing would be to block Russia from selling its raw materials: gas, but first of all from oil,” Duda stressed.

He stressed that Warsaw opposes the creation of gas pipelines between Russia and Germany, saying that these are “political projects” aimed at bypassing Poland and the Baltic states.

In turn, he called for the dismantling of the “Nord Stream-2.”

“Russia is blackmailing not only Germany; right now Russia is essentially blackmailing the whole of Europe. The fact that we say that it is impossible to impose an embargo on Russian gas, it is impossible to immediately impose an embargo on Russian oil,” Duda summed up.

Recall that German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed regret over his previous position, saying that his long-term support for the “Nord Stream-2” gas pipeline was an obvious mistake.