Russian Il-76s arriving in Italy with humanitarian cargo deal a powerful blow to the credibility of NATO and the EU, the Polish newspaper Onet reported.

In recent days, 15 Russian planes have arrived in Italy to help fight the infection. They delivered virologists and diagnostic equipment, as well as ventilators and protective suits.
“Russia’s actions due to the blocking of transport of Germany and the Czech Republic, and in the absence of assistance, for example, from the United States, which have close military bases in Italy, including a huge airbase in Aviano, strike a powerful blow to the credibility of Western institutions, including EU and NATO”, — the newspaper notes.

At the same time, the article indicates that Italy’s assistance in the fight against coronavirus is also an important step on the way to lifting anti — Russian sanctions.
“The probability that Italy will support another extension of the sanctions imposed on Russia for the invasion of Ukraine is almost zero,” writes Onet.